VIGILANT celebrates one year of the project working to detect and analyse disinformation campaigns with European Police Authorities

07 December 2023

VIGILANT, a 3-year and €4m Horizon Europe project, recently celebrated their one year anniversary since the start of the project. VIGILANT aims to equip European Police Authorities with advanced technologies from academia to detect and analyse disinformation campaigns that lead to criminal activities. The project brings together 17 leading European partners from academia, industry, government research centres, and four Police Authorities in an interdisciplinary consortium to combat this threat to societal cohesion and democracy. 

VIGILANT will assist in the detection and analysis of disinformation from major online sources, in all modalities and in multiple languages whether it be text, image or video content. VIGILANT aims to equip the authorities with cutting edge disinformation identification and analysis tools, technology, and knowledge that would make their fight against criminal online content easier and more effective.

On the project, Project Manager Eva Power says:

“Seeing how disinformation is increasing throughout Europe, it is incredibly interesting to be a part of a team with such investment in creating a tool to help Police Authorities in Europe combat disinformation”.

Principal Investigator and VIGILANT’s coordinator, Prof. Brendan Spillane (University College Dublin) says:

“As a researcher, it has been an amazing experience to work with our Police partners to find out what they need to help combat the threat of disinformation and other related forms of harmful content, and to develop solutions that meet those needs”.

To learn more about the project, access their website here: