Video to Dominate Future Engagement Online

20 January 2021
Video to Dominate Future Engagement Online

Posted: 01/12/16

Video is shaping the future of audience engagement.  With new digital distribution models and platforms, our consumption of video has increased dramatically creating opportunities for companies and consumers alike.  Responding to this shift in digital content consumption the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology along with Chinese telecoms hardware and systems giant Huawei held an event addressing the future direction of video.

‘WATCH! Video Everywhere’ presented a unique mix of experts at the interface of video and media innovation and demonstrated how a structured collaboration between academic research and technology companies, startups and funding agencies is absolutely necessary for a bright and mutually beneficial future.

Speakers on the day included Trinity College Dublin Professors Aljosa Smolic, Professor of Creative Technologies; Naomi Harte, Professor in Digital Media Systems; Anil Kokaram, Professor in Engineering Science; Carol O’Sullivan, Professor of Visual Computing.  From the ADAPT Centre Professor Naomi Harte spoke on Audio-Visual Speech Processing; Professor Owen Conlan spoke on Towards Personalised Exploration of Video.  Professor Rozenn Dahyot talked about Geo-Located Virtual World.  Dr Francois Pitie spoke about Image and Video Processing for Media Production; and Professor John Dingliana spoke on Interactive 3D Visualisation and Augmented Reality.

Huawei, which is a partner of the ADAPT Centre, announced recently that it aims to set up a video R&D lab in Dublin within the next year.  This hub will add to Dublin’s increasing global digital profile and will see the creation of an international centre of excellence for video technology.

Summary video from WATCH! Video Everywhere event.

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