Location: Trinity Long Room Hub

Date: 19 Jun

New technologies, from digital media and surveillance to robotics and artificial intelligence, are reshaping human institutions in increasingly unpredictable ways. These technologies also transform our daily habits and practices, and through them, our individual and civic character and values. On local, national and global scales, humanity today faces an uncertain future that demands unprecedented social resilience, civic cooperation and collective moral wisdom in the use of technological power. Nothing less than the survival and flourishing of the human family, and our planet, is at stake. What moral skills and virtues do we need in order to meet the profound political, existential and spiritual challenges driven by these new technologies, and how can we more effectively cultivate them? Dr. Vallor’s lecture will draw from classical traditions of Aristotelian, Confucian and Buddhist ethics to articulate a new framework for the cultivation of technomoral virtues: those qualities of moral and civic character most essential to human flourishing in the digital age.


Professor Shannon Vallor is the William J. Rewark, S.J. Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, and President of the international Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT).  Her research explores the philosophical territory defined by three intersecting domains: the philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies, the philosophy of science and phenomenology.  Her current research focuses on the impact of emerging technologies, particularly those involving automation, on the moral and intellectual habits, skills and virtues of human beings – our character.

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