Understanding Users’ Experiences with Anxiety Management Apps

10 October 2022
Mental Health Apps

The new Research asks Users of Mental Health apps how to enhance care on Anxiety Management apps.

ADAPT PhD Student Andreas Balaskas has recently published an article on his research titled: ‘Understanding users’ perspectives on mobile apps for anxiety management’, in the multidisciplinary journal Frontiers in Digital Health which focuses on how we can transform healthcare with innovative digital tools. The article was co-authored by Stephen M. Schueller, Anna L. Cox and Gavin Doherty.

Anxiety apps hold the potential to enhance mental health care for individuals, however there is relatively little knowledge concerning users’ perspectives on these apps. Balaskas’ paper aims to understand the nature of user burden and engagement with mental health apps targeting anxiety management, and how they might be improved based on those perspectives.

How can Mental Health Apps be improved with human-centric design? 

The results of the study shed light on several barriers to adoption and sustained use. They found that users appreciate apps that offer content variation, customizability, good interface design, and an enhanced personalized experience to improve engagement. With the study concluding by recommending addressing the specific app quality issues identified through human-centered design, more personalized content, and by improving features for social and therapeutic support.

You can read the full paper, Here >