Trinity Innovation Awards celebrate ADAPT academic’s contribution to research and innovation

16 November 2023

Hosted by Trinity Innovation and Enterprise, the Trinity Innovation Awards recognise outstanding contributions to research and innovation. 

In the Dining Hall in Front Square of Trinity College Dublin (TCD) this week, Provost Dr Linda Doyle, announced the 2023 Trinity Innovation Award winners.  Among the winners was ADAPT academic and Principal Investigator at the School of Engineering at TCD and Academic Collaborator at ADAPT, Dr Esther Murphy.  Dr Murphy was awarded the Societal Impact Award for her work on two research projects with a focus on digital inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Her work is person-centred and focused on principles of inclusion, accessibility and well-being for people with ID.

Dr Murphy is passionate about promoting digital and social inclusion via the co-creation of a digital skills education programme for adults with ID. The goal is to ensure nobody is left behind in today’s increasingly digital world. She is working in partnership on real projects with Big Tech companies including Alphabet, EY and Microsoft to reach that goal and has secured extensive European funding to make the cultural changes required, by empowering people to provide the training required to and for their peers.

The Trinity Innovation Awards recognise Trinity’s leading researchers and inventors and celebrate their innovative research and entrepreneurship. 

Speaking at the event Dr Linda Doyle, Provost and President of Trinity, said: “Innovation in Trinity is distinguished by its basis in deep academic research and these awards illustrate the breadth of that innovation across the university. This year’s awardees represent multiple disciplines: from classics to chemistry, from psychology to physics, and I want to congratulate each recipient on their success.

“These innovations tackle a wide range of issues such as energy storage using nanotechnology, monitoring stroke risk, treatments for rare neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, and digital inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, we are honouring the value of industry collaboration, as demonstrated by the exciting Trinity Quantum Alliance.”

Trinity Innovation and Enterprise supports investigative research from concept to implementation, enabling discovery and innovation and connecting researchers with a community of innovators. Trinity Innovation and Enterprise is supported by Enterprise Ireland.