TomTom and AI Mapit Forge Global Partnership

15 December 2023

TomTom, a leading location technology specialist, and ai mapit, proudly announce a global partnership effective October 2023. This collaboration centres on delivering image repository and AI services to clients worldwide, marking an exciting venture for both organisations.  ai mapit is a spinout company from ADAPT at Trinity College Dublin.

Under this agreement, TomTom commits to providing ai mapit clients with access to its Street Level and Lidar imagery on a global scale. Additionally, clients can leverage other TomTom services as needed, allowing aimapit to offer an innovative platform for road side asset detection, GPS tagging and monitoring. This partnership empowers ai mapit clients with an extensive repository of existing imagery, enabling seamless integration with aimapit’s cutting-edge geolocation services.

Julie Connelly, CEO at ai mapit, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “This agreement is a significant milestone for ai mapit, our partners, and clients alike. TomTom’s expansive global image repository provides a cost-effective and valuable data source for our platform. Working closely with TomTom in finalising this agreement has been a pleasure, and we anticipate further development and success for both ai mapit and TomTom clients in years to come.”

Guy De Mulder, Sales at TomTom, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with this innovative startup in the AI space. Collaborating with ai mapit offers TomTom the opportunity to expose its image repository to new clients. We are excited to witness the valuable asset data and insights that ai mapit can provide on top of our source imagery. Supporting such innovation aligns with TomTom’s commitment to driving advancements in geolocation technology.”

Founded on ground-breaking research in deep learning and computer vision from Trinity College Dublin, ai mapit’s technology employs novel statistical and image processing techniques to detect objects of interest in imagery and assign unique GPS coordinates to those objects. Digitised maps resulting from this process significantly enhance sustainability, accuracy, and efficiency for roadside infrastructure operators, including utility operators, road management agencies, and smart cities.

TomTom, established in 1991, is a leading independent geolocation technology specialist. With a rich history in navigation technology and a commitment to breaking barriers in real-time mapping, TomTom continues to collaborate with customers and partners to create the largest and most accurate geolocation database globally, empowering people, goods, and vehicles to navigate the world with confidence.

ai mapit Ltd., is a technology company specialising in AI powered roadside asset detection and mapping whose goal is to facilitate the creation of digital twins of roadside infrastructure which will enable Operators to manage this infrastructure in a more efficient and sustainable way.