Citizens' Think-In, AI: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of the apps and devices we use in our daily lives. It offers huge benefits, but does it come at a cost to our privacy?

Invisible codes, huge amounts of data and AI drive our daily exchanges and influence the way we live our lives. Companies track us through our mobile phones and the devices, websites and apps we use as we navigate both the online and offline worlds. As a result, we leave a trail of personal information behind. This information is then bought and sold by others. But does sharing these little pieces of information really matter? Our phones and the apps we use do make our lives easier… so what if we share a few random bits about our lives, right?

The event

Join us during Science Week for an interactive Citizens’ Think-In to explore the information we give to apps and home assistant devices and if the help and services they give us in return is worth it. Where does the information go? What harm can sharing really do?

At the event, you’ll learn about AI and understand how we’re sharing personal information continuously (often without knowing). You’ll take part in a fun discussion on how we might balance the benefits of AI with the loss of control of our personal information. If you’re attending one of our discussion hubs in person, you’ll even have the opportunity to try out some cutting-edge technology from the world-leading ADAPT research centre for AI.

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Great ideas come out of great conversations. This #DiscussAI event is organised by ADAPT and is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s Creating Our Future initiative, an opportunity for everyone in Ireland to give ideas on how to make our country better for everyone. You will be able to join the event in-person at our Hubs in Athlone, Cork, Dublin and Maynooth or online from 6.15-8.15pm. There will be refreshments in the in-person venues from 5.30pm.