The PARADISE project presents research at International Vasculitis Workshop in Barcelona

16 April 2024

Researchers of the PARADISE project recently participated in the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop held in Barcelona from 7th to 10th April 2024. This significant workshop provided a global platform for clinicians, clinical and translational researchers and trainees to converge, exchange insights, and discuss advancements in the field of vasculitis and related disorders.

PARADISE, PersonAlisation of RelApse risk in autoimmune DISEase, is a collaborative effort between the ADAPT Centre and Trinity Translational Medicine Institute, funded through the ERAPerMed program. Officially launched in April 2023, this pioneering project, led by Mark Little (ADAPT Principal Investigator at Trinity College Dublin), endeavours to develop a personalised prediction tool aimed at aiding in the management of recurrent autoimmune diseases.

Among the members representing PARADISE at the workshop were Angel Mary George, a second-year D-REAL PhD student affiliated with the Department of Clinical Medicine and the ADAPT Centre. George delivered a presentation on “Personalisation of relapse risk in autoimmune disease”. Amrita Dwivedi, Trinity College Dublin, also a member of the PARADISE project, presented a poster titled “Comparative analysis of phenotypic and functional properties of LDNs in AAV, sepsis and lung cancer patients”. Additionally, Jamsheela Nazeer, Trinity College Dublin, delivered a talk titled “RETRACE-Clustering Creatinine Trajectory and Baseline Features for Predicting End Stage Kidney Disease”.

On 11 April 2024 the PARADISE project held its second Plenary Meeting, hosted by partner Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, discussing progress to date on this innovation work program, gaining the first-hand perspectives of vasculitis patients and welcoming vasculitis experts as guest speakers.

Overall, the participation of PARADISE members at the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop underscores the project’s commitment to advancing understanding and treatment options for autoimmune diseases, particularly Vasculitis. By engaging with the global scientific community, PARADISE continues to contribute significantly to the collective effort aimed at improving patient outcomes and quality of life.