The 6th International Workshop on Geospatial Linked Data (GeoLD) at ESWC 2024

The 6th International Workshop on Geospatial Linked Data (GeoLD) at ESWC 2024 will take place 26th/27th May 2024 (TBA). ADAPT researcher Dr. Beyza Yaman is going to organise the 6th version of the workshop with co-organisers from Germany: Timo Hamburg (i3mainz — Institute for Spatial Information Surveying Technology, Mainz University Of Applied Sciences, Germany) Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sherif (University of Paderborn, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo (University Of Paderborn, Germany).

Geospatial data is vital for both traditional applications like navigation, logistics, and tourism and emerging areas like autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and GIS on demand. Spatial linked data has recently transitioned from experimental prototypes to national infrastructure. However the next generation of spatial knowledge graphs will integrate multiple spatial datasets with the large number of general datasets that contain some geospatial references (e.g., DBpedia, Wikidata). This integration, either on the public Web or within organisations has immense socio-economic as well as academic benefits. The upsurge in Linked data related presentations in the recent Eurogeographics data quality workshop shows the deep interest in Geospatial Linked Data (GLD) in national mapping agencies. GLD enables a web-based, interoperable geospatial infrastructure. This is especially relevant for delivering the INSPIRE directive in Europe. Moreover, geospatial information systems benefit from Linked Data principles in building the next generation of spatial data applications e.g., federated smart buildings, self-piloted vehicles, delivery drones or automated local authority services.


This workshop invites papers covering the challenges and solutions for handling with GLD, especially for building high quality, adaptable, geospatial infrastructures and next-generation spatial applications. We aim to demonstrate the latest approaches and implementations and to discuss the solutions to challenges and issues arising from research and industrial organisations.

Submission deadline is March 10th 2024.

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