TEDxKI Talk with ADAPT’s Dr. P.J Wall on Crafting a Brighter Future for the Global South

27 March 2024

ADAPT Academic Dr. P.J. Wall delivered a TEDxKI talk at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, on 23rd March 2024, titled “Innovation Unleashed: Crafting a Brighter Future for the Global South“. Addressing global sustainability, the SDGs, mobile health, ethics, AI, and technology for international development, he drew from years of extensive research on mobile health in Sierra Leone carried out with Professors Dave Lewis and Lucy Hederman. He also presented research from an ongoing HEA-funded project on global sustainability involving partners in India, Uganda, and Ethiopia. This project is a collaboration with Professors Linda Hogan, Tim Savage and Deepak Saxena (IIT Jodhpur).

The talk told four stories of innovation involving health, water, and clean cookstoves, showcasing resilience and creativity amidst adversity. Emphasising that innovation need not always rely on technological complexity, the talk highlighted the importance of community-led initiatives tailored to local socio-cultural and ethical contexts. The TEDx talk will be available on various TED platforms in the coming months.