TechCentral’s ‘Focus on Research’ Spotlights Dr Brendan Spillane

09 November 2023

The latest Focus on Research feature in shines a spotlight on Dr Brendan Spillane, whose pioneering research is committed to combat the modern difficulties with misinformation and disinformation.

In the article, Dr Spillane outlines his academic journey that has led him to become one of the leading researchers in the field of misinformation and disinformation globally.  Now an Assistant Professor in University College Dublin, Dr Spillane is leading Vigilant, a three-year, €4 million project with 17 partners including four European law enforcement agencies. Twelve months in, Vigilant has made significant strides under his leadership, providing European law enforcement agencies with sophisticated tools to detect disinformation tied to criminal undertakings.

Dr Spillane continues to foster transdisciplinary research exemplified in his involvement in Athena, a new project under Horizon Europe, focusing on foreign information manipulation and interference.

In the article, Dr Spillane also discusses his inspirations, conspiracy theories, perils to election integrity posed by misinformation, and bias.

Dr Spillane’s work at the ADAPT Centre not only underscores the critical role of academic research in combating misinformation but also serves as an inspiration for continued interdisciplinary efforts in safeguarding the integrity of information.

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