Students Meet Chatbots: Secondary School Students and Teachers Explore what AI Means for Learning

20 April 2023

A workshop taking place in Tullamore today will challenge students to explore artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools such as ChatGPT and other large language models available to the public. Run by the SFI ADAPT Centre for JCT STEAM, the workshop titled ‘Chatbots as a Tool: How to Use them Ethically and Correctly’ will see students navigate what AI and chatbots mean for education and learning, their limitations, and what they should be aware of when using one.

This workshop follows the success of ADAPT’s Chatbot workshop that was designed for teachers for the JCT STEAM programme and has been re-worked for secondary school students. The shorter workshop will take place during the JCT STEAM Celebration of Learning day in the Tullamore Court Hotel and will be facilitated by Professor Vincent Wade, Chair of Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Principal Investigator at the ADAPT Centre, Dr Manyak Soni, PhD researcher at the TCD ADAPT and Dr Cara Greene of ADAPT at DCU.  The workshop will provide students with an understanding of the underlying technologies that chatbots are built on and aims to demonstrate how they can sometimes present incorrect information in an eloquent way.

Speaking about the event, Professor Vincent Wade said: “With the increasing use of chatbots in our daily lives it is important we educate our youth on the potential benefits and pitfalls of these technologies.  We are excited to host the workshop that will give students a unique opportunity to share their experiences and gain insights not just from their peers but also from AI experts in the field.”

During the workshop, students will break out into groups to discuss if they are using chatbots and what they should look out for while using these systems.  The group will also explore what applications this technology has in schools and for learning and the potential challenges arising from it.  This workshop forms part of a series of events aimed at introducing students to different societal challenges across disciplines.

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