Location: Trinity College Dublin

Date: 22 May

The ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin is delighted to host a Breakfast meeting on Tuesday the 22nd on the standardisation in Artificial Intelligence, a briefing for all interested industry and research on the newly formed JTC 1/SC 42.

SC 42 Artificial Intelligence is the newest committee, system integration entity set up under ISO/IEC JTC 1. JTC 1 is the standards development environment where experts come together to develop worldwide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards for business and consumer applications. Additionally, JTC 1 provides the standards approval environment for integrating diverse and complex ICT technologies. These standards rely upon the core infrastructure technologies developed by JTC 1 centers of expertise complemented by specifications developed in other organizations.

This meeting (both the breakfast and official parts) will socialize the progress and consensus reached in the inaugural plenary meeting of SC 42 held in Beijing on the 18th to 20th April 2018. Ireland will have one of the stronger delegations at the meeting, including Dr David Filip from The ADAPT Centre (Head of Delegation), Barry Smith from NSAI, Brian McAuliffe from HP.

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