'Stained Glasses' exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin to explore Post-Natal Depression

23 February 2023
Sombre photo of two dirty drinking glasses

Sombre photo of two dirty drinking glasses

Smutsiga Glas ‘Stained Glasses’ Exhibition

What happens when medication doesn’t work? How do you feel? Hopeless? How do you cope?

In ‘Stained Glasses’, Maria Sjöö explores her experience of post-natal depression and her struggle with medication. Maria delves deep into the emotional and physical changes she went through, her loss of interest, her disrupted sleep, her withdrawal from friends and family, and her hope for support.

As a part of Creative Brain Week 2023 and together with the Gillan Lab who are investigating why people experience mental health issues and their different responses to treatment, Stained Glasses leads you through Maria’s lived experience and the science that underpins this complex issue. The Gillan Lab is headed by ADAPT Funded Investigator Professor Claire Gillan.

The exhibition opens on 6th March 2023 (18.00-20.00) at Science Gallery Dublin and runs until 11th March 2023.

– Talk held by Photographer Maria Sjöö about her art and experience

– Free wine and canapés

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