SFI ADAPT Centre Launches ‘When I Grow Up…’ Campaign to Celebrate International Women’s Day

07 March 2022

Dublin, 7th March 2022: Women have been at the forefront of computer science innovations since Ada Lovelace laid the foundations for the world’s first computer in the 1800s. Despite this, harmful stereotypes persist associating computer science with the domain of men.  A new ADAPT Centre campaign celebrating International Women’s Day was launched today supporting young women with an interest in computer science to achieve their goals.  ‘When I grow up…’ highlights a range of women at the SFI ADAPT Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology who have broken the bias and pursued successful careers in Computer Science.

Speaking about the campaign, Director of ADAPT, Professor Vinny Wade, said: “At the ADAPT Centre, we recognise that women have been the backbone of the technological age. In the past, they were poorly rewarded for their endeavours, disregarded despite their expertise and written out of history. Still, their innovations live on today in the fields of social networking, the internet, and computer programming, to name a few.  This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we are shining a light on ADAPT’s women who are trailblazers and pioneers in their fields, forging impressive professional paths in computer science.”

The ‘When I Grow Up…’ campaign will run from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th March and aims to demonstrate the many opportunities and careers available, and encourage all young women interested in computer science to consider the field as a future career.