SFI ADAPT Centre hosts Third ADAPT Annual Scientific Conference

17 May 2024

Dublin, May 2024: The ADAPT SFI Research Centre held the third ADAPT Annual Scientific Conference in celebration of the research carried out in the centre, in the Helix, DCU on the 14th May 2024.

This year’s ADAPT Annual Scientific Conference was the largest to date with over 160 ADAPT members coming together to engage with and present our research to the wider ADAPT community, showcasing and celebrating the research and academics that are helping to shape the future through AI.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address from the new ADAPT Director, Prof. John Kelleher, and DCU President, Daire Keogh. Throughout the day, speakers from ADAPT showcased their research across three sessions, each followed by an engaging audience Q&A. This year, an impressive 52 posters were submitted and featured in two informative poster sessions. Adding a unique dimension to the event, the Education and Public Engagement (EPE) team’s pop-up ‘Art or AI?’ museum was another standout highlight.

This year, we were honoured to welcome our keynote speaker and new ADAPT member, Abebe Birhane, Senior Advisor for AI Accountability at Mozilla and Adjunct Professor at Trinity College Dublin. In her keynote, she highlighted the potential dangers of large-scale datasets, such as AI hallucinations and the reinforcement of societal biases and negative stereotypes. She also explored strategies for both incremental improvements and guiding broader structural changes in AI.

Finally, the event was wrapped up with award presentations listed below, and a well attended networking event.

Best Overall Contribution Award:

Simon Mille, DCU Research Fellow, was awarded the prize for Best Overall Contribution for his work on new Irish language resources & tools for responsible Generative AI. Prof. Anya Belz presented on behalf of Simon at the conference and accepted the award on his behalf. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia).

Best Researcher Contribution Award:

Jamsheela Nazeer, TCD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, was awarded the Best Researcher Contribution Award for her work “Clustering on Health Data of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis Patients and their Association with Outcomes: Relapse, Mortality and End-Stage Kidney Disease”. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia).

Best Student Contribution Award:

Kanishk Verma, DCU PhD Student, won the Best Student Contribution Award for his work on “Beyond Binary: Towards embracing complexities in cyberbullying detection and intervention”. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia).

Best Poster Award:

Anastasiia Potiagalova, DCU PhD Student, won the Best Poster Award for her poster titled “Conversational Search for Images and Videos”. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia).

The conference showcased an impressive array of research, highlighting AI’s vast applications across diverse fields, including Personalisation, Neural Machine Translation, eHealth, Social Media, Data Visualisation, AI Ecosystems and more. This event underscored AI’s agility and interdisciplinary potential, demonstrating its ongoing evolution and the innovative possibilities it brings.

We extend our gratitude to the Science Committee for their meticulous review of the research presented, the organising committee for their tireless efforts in making the event engaging, enjoyable, and insightful, and finally, to all the attendees who contributed to the conference’s success. (Full list below).

Special thanks to:

Scientific Committee

Aphra Kerr

Gareth Jones

Joss Moorkens

Organising Committee

Kali Dunne

Ger Hickey

Jennifer Collins

Jenny Walsh

Alex Irwin

Sam Irwin

Robin O’Driscoll


Brian Davis

Cathal Gurrin

Dave Lewis

Erfan A. Shams

Eric Deibel

Federico Gaspari

Hao Wu

Harshvardhan Pandit

Iona Gessinger

Jeremy Chopin

Joachim Wagner

Joss Moorkens

Khetam Al Sharou

Madeleine Steeds

Marguerite Barry

María Isabel Rivas Ginel

Marta Lasek-Markey

Michał Wieczorek

Prof Frank Boland

Rozenn Dahyot

Ruairi O’Reilly

Simon Mille

Swati Kumari

EPE Pop up

Laura Grehan

Emma Clarke

Cara Greene

Faye Murphy

SAB Members for Award Selection

Prof Cristina Conati

Prof Josef van Genebith

Prof Dipak Kalra

Prof Barbara Plank


Aisling Murray

Caitriona Campbell

Claire Whelan

Eoin O’Sullivan

Monica Lechea

Olivia Waters

Sami El Haq

Theo Little

Trish Buffini

Keynote Speaker

Abeba Birhane

Photos from the poster presentation: