Location: Croke Park, Jones’ Road, Dublin 3.

Date: 6 Oct

Responsible Innovation Summit is back in Croke Park again this autumn. They would like your help to fill this event with exciting content. You have the chance to contribute and become a co-creator of the Responsible Innovation Summit to make this 1-day conference even better. Fill out this form and share your ideas and you could win a 1-day pass to the summit or a Keep Cup.

By attending the summit you have the opportunity to identify key factors which are shaping the next generation of innovations and investments and join the community of leading professionals from different sectors to share ideas that matter regarding future-shaping concepts. Inevitable trends are here to stay towards responsible investments, value-driven consumer expectations and major economic changes driven by new technologies and emerging global challenges. Discover more about the concept of responsible innovation and how it means great power and advantage in the hands of innovators.

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