Researchers from ADAPT, D-REAL and CIHS awarded with Best Poster Presentation award for paper on Trustworthy AI in Healthcare

23 January 2024

Researchers from ADAPT, D-REAL and the Centre for Innovative Human Systems (CIHS) have been awarded with the Best Poster Presentation award at the Human-Centred AI Education & Practice Conference for their paper, “Integrating Human Factors into Trustworthy AI for Healthcare.” The collaborative effort involved co-authors Karimian (D-REAL and ADAPT, UCD), Siobhan Corrigan (CIHS, TCD), and Rob Brennan (ADAPT, UCD).

The paper explores the Human Factors needs for Trustworthy AI (TAI) within a healthcare setting. Within the healthcare domain, AI applications span diverse functions, including diagnostics, management, and training. However, the absence of organisational trust in even TAI systems poses challenges. The primary aim of this study is to establish a framework for understanding and quantifying organisational trust in the implementation of TAI systems within the healthcare context.

The study expects to develop methods and metrics to measure organisational trust of AI within a hospital, thereby empowering hospital staff to adopt and utilise AI systems. It will also empower TAI systems developers to create new mechanisms for enhancing organisational trust. This endeavour is poised to contribute to the future of TAI systems development. 

Access the paper here