Professor Gareth Jones Explores the Inner Workings of Search Technology in 'For Tech's Sake' Podcast

17 August 2023

In an age where Google is our gateway to the online world, have you ever wondered about the algorithms that determine your search results or the mysterious engines shaping your online experience? For Tech’s Sake, a podcast delving into the depths of technology, recently featured an insightful interview with Professor Gareth Jones, Principal Investigator in the ADAPT Centre at DCU, and an expert on information retrieval and search technologies.

The episode titled “Dude, where’s my bias-free search engine?” delves into the fascinating realm of search engines, algorithms, and the science behind our online interactions. Hosts Elaine Burke and Jenny Darmody talk to Professor Gareth Jones to unravel the mysteries behind everyday tech tools that shape our digital lives.

Professor Jones provides a comprehensive overview of how search engines operate, demystifying the intricate algorithms that drive the search results we encounter daily. He answers questions about whether platforms are truly listening to us to generate personalised recommendations and offers insights into the future of searching audio and video content.

With the algorithms and recommendation engines playing an increasingly pivotal role in shaping our online experiences, delving into their workings can help users to navigate and understand the digital landscape more effectively.

The podcast is available on Apple podcasts.

For Tech’s Sake is a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network.  The full interview with Professor Jones will be exclusively available for the HeadStuff+ Community members shortly.