Professor Dave Lewis Takes Part in Responsible Innovation Summit

18 January 2021
Professor Dave Lewis Takes Part in Responsible Innovation Summit

Posted: 19/10/18

The Responsible Innovation Summit brought together academics, entrepreneurs and policy makers to debate, educate and inform on how Ireland is positioned to address new trends around responsible innovation and investments.  Associate Director at the ADAPT Centre, Professor Dave Lewis, contributed to both a panel discussion titled ‘Disruption for Good: How to deal with data driven innovations to create values’, along with a workshop on responsible innovation through stakeholder engagement.  In that workshop Professor Lewis explored the Ethics Canvas, an online tool created by the ADAPT Centre to encourage educators, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers to engage with ethics in their research and innovation projects.

Speaking about the Ethics Canvas, Professor Lewis said: “Research and innovation foster great benefits for society but also raise important ethical concerns.  We developed this tool to assist innovators in structuring ideas about the ethical implications of their projects, and provide a framework on how to visualise them and ultimately resolve them.”

The event, which took place in Croke Park, aimed to identify some of the key factors that are shaping the next generation of innovations and featured the Business SPIRIT Award along with a range of talks, panel discussions and workshops.

The main messages from the summit included how to create profit with purpose, including issues like growing trends towards responsible investment and how it’s influencing funding strategies. Disruption for good – how to use data-driven innovations to create shared values, as well as business opportunities related to the circular economy.

Szilvia Szabo, co-founder of the Responsible Innovation Summit commented: “Our goal is to introduce responsible innovation as an adaptable business concept and bring together leaders from various sectors.”

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