Prof. Owen Conlan discusses Dark Patterns with podcast ‘For Tech’s Sake’

09 February 2023

ADAPT Academic, Prof. Owen Conlan, featured recently in the podcast For Tech’s Sake to discuss ‘Dark Patterns’. Dark Patterns, or deceptive design, are design techniques used to weaponise user behaviour and manipulate us into doing things that are against our intentions.

Prof. Conlan discusses the privacy challenge with dark patterns that could be increased through AI techniques as well as his research with ADAPT on proactive intelligent personalised agents. Prof. Conlan also discusses the potential grey areas between UX designers focussed on their business cases and uninformed users. Dark Patterns are a rapidly growing area of research, particularly in the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Law. 

Listen to the episode here.

For Tech’s Sake is a podcast hosted by Elaine Burke and Jenny Darmody to discuss emerging and everyday tech. For Tech’s Sake is a co-production from Silicon Republic and The Headstuff Podcast Network.