Proactive Intelligent Personalised Agents Explored at SCI:COM 2022

16 December 2022

The theme for this year’s SCI:COM conference was “Represent” and during the course of a day at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, the conference welcomed speakers from a range of fields who spoke about their perspectives on the theme.  At the event, Professor Owen Conlan delivered a talk on his research on Proactive Intelligent Personalised Agents (PIPAs). 

Through his research, Professor Conlan and his team at the ADAPT Centre are striving to realise the digitally-enhanced human through the research and development of multi-modal experiences and autonomous agents, mediated by appropriate human control.  Exploring topics such as Empathy, Scrutability, Control and Simulation in the vision for PIPAs, Professor Conlan raised interesting questions around the real and simulated world and what the future holds for avatars.