November’s Machine Learning Meet-Up hosted by Human+ featuring ADAPT Researchers

01 December 2023

This month’s Machine Learning Meet-Up took place recently on Monday 27th Nov in the Trinity Long Room Hub hosted by Human+. After a difficult few days in Dublin, it was great to see a packed event full of a diverse and engaged audience. Human+ is an interdisciplinary fellowship programme connecting computer science researchers with researchers from the arts and humanities and enterprise to forge a human-centric approach to technology development. 

The event was moderated by Prof Vincent Wade, Professorial Chair of Computer Science & AI and Former Director of ADAPT SFI Research Centre. Three speakers from Human+ in Trinity College Dublin presented at the event exploring our understanding of what the metaverse is today. 

Speakers included:


In a full Long Room Hub, ADAPT co-founder Professor Vincent Wade (Trinity College Dublin) welcomed attendees and introduced the Human+ programme. First speaker of the night, Dr. Gareth Young (Trinity College Dublin), argued the benefits of the metaverse and discussed the integration of machine learning into the metaverse.

Following on from Dr. Young, Dr. Kata Szita, a cognitive science researcher specialising in extended reality technologies, addressed how virtual multi user environments like the metaverse define identity. She also explored the dangers and prospects in terms of human behaviours and personal data.

Dr. Nicola Palladino, a political scientist concerned with internet governance and digital policies,  continued the session with a discussion on the political implications of the metaverse and to what extent the current regulatory landscape is suited to face the challenges posed by this new kind of platform.

HUMAN+ is an international and interdisciplinary fellowship programme led by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute and ADAPT, the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Digital Content Innovation at Trinity College Dublin, and supported by the prestigious European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action. Thr Human+ white paper “Considerations on Human Identity within Metaverse Environments” will be available later this month. If you’d like to be notified when it’s live, please register for our newsletter here.

The Machine Learning MeetUps are a last-Monday-of-the-month meet-up group open to enthusiasts, professionals and students interested in Machine Learning. There are presentations by selected guest speakers on different topics, as well as providing a great opportunity to meet like minded people, researchers, engineers from industry and academia for networking. Our next event is scheduled for January 2024. 

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