New Series of ADAPT Radio Launched: AI in Action, Rachel McDonnell on Virtual Human Technology

03 March 2022

A new podcast series called AI in Action was recently launched on ADAPT Radio. This podcast series will highlight pioneering ADAPT AI research that is empowering individuals, businesses and society to get the most from AI-Driven Digital Media Technology.

The first episode in the series provides an insight into the virtual human technology research of ADAPT PI, Rachel McDonnell. As a member of the graphics, vision and visualisation group, McDonnell’s research projects and interests include computer graphics, character animation, virtual humans, VR and perception with a focus on real time performance capture and perception of virtual humans. In this podcast, McDonnell discusses utilising virtual avatars for work meetings, trusting virtual humans and the challenges of augmented reality.

ADAPT Radio is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.