New Research Investigates Multi-Agent Speech Systems for Autonomous Driving

05 October 2022

ADAPT PhD student, Justin Edwards (University College Dublin), recently co-authored a new research paper investigating Automated Driving and Conversational Agents. The paper, titled “Beyond the Halo: Investigation of Trust and Functional Specificity in Automated Driving with Conversational Agents”, was co-authored with Edward’s colleagues Anton Torggler and Philipp Wintersberger from TU Wien.

The paper investigates whether self-driving cars could use different voices to represent different systems within the vehicle (e.g. one voice representing the automated driving system and another representing the infotainment system) to assist drivers in calibrating their level of trust in each system. This paper is among the first to investigate multi-agent speech systems and contributes to a growing literature on trust in autonomous vehicles.

“Beyond the Halo” was presented at the 14th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces in Seoul, South Korea earlier this month.