New Research Highlights Integrity Issues Among European Secondary School Students

16 September 2022

The paper was published as part of the INTEGRITY H2020 Project

ADAPT Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, Dr. PJ Wall, and Prof. Linda Hogan, Professor of Ecumenics in Trinity College Dublin’s School of Religion, have co-authored an open access paper arising from the INTEGRITY H2020 Project. The paper, “Lack of ethics or lack of knowledge? European upper secondary students’ doubts and misconceptions about integrity issues” has been published in the International Journal for Educational Integrity. This is the second of five journal papers from the INTEGRITY H2020 Project which will be published throughout 2022 and 2023. 

According to the paper, plagiarism, among other transgressions of academic integrity, is a persistent problem within secondary schools. While surveys indicate high levels of infringement on clearly stated plagiarism rules, less attention has been devoted to the students’ understanding of academic integrity and potential misconceptions that could lead to difficulties in complying with existing rules. The paper expands on these findings and relates them to the students’ training about academic integrity, self-reported level of questionable behaviour and country of study.

To read more about this paper, access it in full here.