Navigating Cybersecurity: Knowing Who and What to Trust

26 November 2021

This month, the Inspiring Ideas @ Trinity webinar series held an informative online webinar on Navigating Cybersecurity: Knowing Who and What to Trust. The webinar featured an expert panel of ADAPT members including Professor Dave Lewis, Professor Owen Conlan, and Clare Conran, as well as, Dr Stephen Farrell at SCSS Trinity College Dublin. 

The webinar focussed on the evolving and complicated world of online data security and artificial intelligence. Ensuring our access to the web is kept secure and private is one of the top concerns the public face while online today. Individuals want to know if there are legal and technical tools that could assist in controlling and keeping up with the accelerating range of data being collected and what the ethical considerations and implications of new AI technology are.

The webinar provided an in-depth discussion on individual security and privacy as well as security and privacy for information and systems you control within a business or laboratory environment. Tips provided included reducing the number of accounts you make on websites and remaining sceptical when sharing information online or when identifying misinformation.

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