Location: Events

Date: 9 Mar

Due to the Covid -19 emerging situation, in the interest of safety of all participants,  AILO have advised Students and teachers from 60 schools to prepare to sit the National Finals of All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad in their own schools this year on 11th March.

For all participating schools, please take note of the following arrangements :

  • Like the Preliminary Round, qualified students will receive a PDF paper and answer booklet on Wednesday 11th March by 8am.
  • The 2.5 hour printed paper will be taken in school by qualified students on the 11th March under exam conditions with a teacher present.
  • Please scan / photograph answer booklets and email them to us by close of business Wednesday 11th.
  • We understand that qualifiers may be disappointed to be missing out on the on-site event and regret the need for this decision and apologise for any inconvenience.