ML Meetup Dublin Explores Creativity in the Age of Machines

18 January 2021
ML Meetup Dublin Explores Creativity in the Age of Machines

Posted: 23/10/18

Can AI be a source of innovation in itself?  We know AI can perform many manual and routine tasks but can it replace our creative spirit? This month, the Machine Learning Meetup focused on the application of AI for creative endeavours. The event, which was sponsored by Huawei Technologies, featured UCD’s Róisín Loughran who spoke about her research in the area of computational musical creativity, Eric Risser, CTO and founder of Artomatix, and Luba Elliott, organizer of Creative AI meetup in London.

Speakers explored how AI could help make us more creative by alleviating repetitive, manual tasks that could lead to a jump in innovation.

Founder of Artomatix, Eric Risser, is head of the Dublin-based start-up.  An expert in the combined fields of artificial intelligence and computer graphics, he used his research in computer vision and machine learning to develop technology which could automate the creation of digital art.  During his talk Risser gave a history of creative AI starting with texture synthesis.

UCD’s Róisín Loughran, a specialist in evolutionary methods aimed at better understanding creative problems such as music composition and music cognition, explored creativity as an aspect of intelligence in her talk.  Finally Luba Elliott shared artists perspectives of applications of creative AI and their reaction to it.

The talks highlighted how AI and humans can work hand-in-hand to explore entirely new territory.  The synergy has been seen in diverse settings from financial market prediction to malware detection.  Extending this paradigm to the realm of creativity underscores the many ways that AI can augment human abilities.

ML Dublin takes place on the last Monday of every month.  Interested companies can sponsor events by emailing [email protected]

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