ML Dublin Meets EY Wavespace

The first ML Dublin Meetup of 2023 takes places Monday 30th January from 6pm to 8pm in Wavespace at EY’s offices in Harcourt Street. This is an in person event and a great opportunity to meet like minded people, researchers, engineerings from industry and academia.

The theme is Generative AI and as usual we will have 3 experts share their takes on this topic. GPT-3, BLOOM, and Stable Diffusion have really captured our imagination and stimulated a wider discussion on the adoption, use, efficacy and safety of these technologies. Such foundation models are likely to power the next wave of innovation so let’s discuss!

Presentations from
1. Professor Robert Ross, ADAPT and TU Dublin

2. Tim Morthorst
Senior Manager Automation & AI
Title: When is it conversational automation? From scripted questions and answers to a seemingly all-knowing ChatGPT

3rd speaker TBA

Note, places are limited to 80 so please only book if you are sure you will make it in person… otherwise it will prevent someone else from attending. Also this is an in-person only event, there will not be an online option. Register here.