Microsoft and ADAPT Collaborate on a Machine Learning MeetUp During Open Hack Dublin

18 January 2021
Microsoft and ADAPT Collaborate on a Machine Learning MeetUp During Open Hack Dublin

Posted: 23/07/18

In conjunction with Microsoft’s Open Hack Dublin, the ADAPT Centre hosted a Machine Learning Dublin Meetup event at Microsoft’s new office in Leopardstown on July 4th. Microsoft’s Open Hack Dublin was a three-day event attracting Machine Learning developers from across the globe who came to cooperatively explore issues in the Computer Vision space.

Machine Learning Dublin is an initiative of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology where students and researchers of Machine Learning assemble to present, discuss, and hold workshops concerning the field.  Head of Design and Innovation at ADAPT and organiser of multiple ML Meetups, Declan McKibben, said: “The July event attracted the largest audience in the initiative’s history with 200 people signed up to attend the event before its launch”.

Speakers included Dr Andrew Fryer, who spoke on Agile AI: how to get data science working, and the need to update and modify AI paradigms as scrupulously as business applications. Another contributor, Mr Filip Glavota, a NET Web Developer at Microsoft Hrvatska, gave a talk titled: Cluster Me!, concerning information analysis via clustering algorithms. Finally, Mr Karol Zac, a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Microsoft Poland, elaborated on a deep learning technology which could automatically remove objects from photographs.

The Machine Learning Dublin event ran from 6 to 8 pm on the second day of Open Hack Dublin. For further information on the July 4th Machine Learning Dublin Meetup, click here. For details regarding Machine Learning Dublin and past Meetups, click here. For more information on July’s Open Hack Dublin, click here.

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