Machine Learning Meetup

Join us for the Halloween Machine Learning Meet Up at the Wavespace, EY Building, Harcourt Centre, Harcourt St, Dublin 2 on October 23rd at 6.30pm.

Three great speakers will explore a number of different ML topics.

Dimitri Saridakis, software engineer from Red Hat will explore the world of “Distributed Training of Gen AI Models with Open Source.” He will examine how open source tools are revolutionising AI training, making models smarter and scalable.

From MTU and the ADAPT Centre, Ruari O’Reilly is a lecturer whose research focuses on integrating automated analytics into workflows requiring expert knowledge. His primary application domain is in E-health, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed systems into scalable clinical workflows. Ruairi’s topic is “Decoding the Metrics: Evaluating the Authenticity of Generatively Synthesized Biomedical Imagery” – based on his work with current PhD and MSc students.

Finally Purvika Bajaj, Consultant and Imogen Lawlor, Senior Manager in Financial Services Technology Consulting at EY will present “Decrypting Financial AI: Illuminating the Black Box” – analysing and demonstrating techniques applied in financial institutions today- and where the next generation of AI will lead.

The evening will be wrapped up with some pizza and drinks. This is an in person event and a great opportunity to meet like minded people, researchers, engineerings from industry and academia.