Machine Learning Meetup Showcases Women in Tech All-Female Panel

19 January 2021
Machine Learning Meetup Showcases Women in Tech All-Female Panel

Posted: 30/05/17

Europe’s leading online fashion platform, Zalando, sponsored the first all-female panel at this months Machine Learning Meetup Dublin. The panel of technical innovators spoke about the newest information within Machine Learning innovation. The event was organised through the Machine Learning Meetup Dublin group established by ADAPT Centre members in 2016. The purpose of the event was to encourage more female engagement with machine learning and digital technology.

The highly qualified panel of speakers included; Dr Ana Peleteiro Ramallo, Data Scientist at Zalando, who holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Dr Amelia Kelly, Director of Speech Technologies at Soapbox Labs, who has extensive experience in the areas of speech synthesis, audio and signal processing and, language modelling, and Dr Annalina Caputo, Research Fellow at the ADAPT Centre For Digital Content Technologies.

In offering insight on what to expect from the Meetup, Dr Annalina Caputo said, “We are studying the diachronic analysis of language studies within language evolution over time. In this talk, I introduce some methods for the diachronic analysis that rely on Distributional Semantic Models built over Google Ngram. I show some preliminary results obtained for the Italian language and future work and challenges of this kind of analysis. It is in my interest to study personalisation, information retrieval and natural language processing. I aim to identify and analyse factors that reveal the temporal dynamics behind the user preferences during their interaction, search and usage of information. The goal is to find the definition of a user model, able to acknowledge temporal dynamics, in order to, provide the right information at the right moment.”

The aim of this month’s Machine Learning Meetup all-female line-up of speakers was to engage more female scientists with the intention of encouraging more interest from, and recognition for, women in this field of research.

MLDublin commented on the popularity of the event which was oversubscribed and had a waiting list of  over 170 people.  On the evening over 100 attendees turned out to listen to the panel and network after the event. MLDublin holds meetup groups on the last Monday of every month and currently has 2,500 members. Keep up to date with ML Dublin Meetup on their website. 

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