LegumeLegacy kick off research with successful first training event

11 September 2023

LegumeLegacy has recently held their first event to great success enabling the whole consortium and EU Project Officer to meet together. Through the event, their Doctoral Researchers received training on Statistics, Digestibility and CH4 emissions and Entrepreneurship within the seed trade. 

LegumeLegacy’s research focuses on optimising crop rotations. The project will investigate the role of multi-species grassland mixtures within crop rotations in the search for solutions to develop lower nitrogen farming systems. The team seek to identify optimal combinations of grasses, legumes and herbs in a grassland ley that can provide ‘legacy’ benefits to a follow-on wheat crop. They will test their hypotheses across a range of sites with different climates to test robustness and enable generality of their findings. 

Alongside their experimental work, they will develop new statistical modelling approaches and will embed breeding and molecular genetics techniques into their solutions. Overall, the project aims to develop and promote sustainable farming practices.

LegumeLegacy is a Marie-Curie Doctoral Network funded under the Horizon-MSCA-DN-2021 programme and consists of 33 people across 14 institutions in academia and industry. With this programme the team aims to train their cohort of Doctoral Researchers to be the next generation of leaders in sustainable agri-ecosystems. 

Follow the project of LinkedIn and X for up to date information on their research and researchers. A new website for the project will also soon be available.