Learning to Learn: How Can AI Unlock Learning Patterns?

The prestigious HUMAN+ international and interdisciplinary fellowship programme, led by the SFI ADAPT Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology and Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute, is launching Human+ Tech Talks. Human+ Tech Talks is a series of online roundtable discussions that will bring together a distinguished panel of industry and academic experts to explore different dimensions of human-centred AI research.

This edition of the Human+ Tech Talks series focuses on the topic – Learning to Learn: How Can AI Unlock Learning Patterns?

Online education has become a mainstream form of education in many countries during the pandemic. The market for AI-enhanced personalised tutoring systems is therefore growing in great demand and popularity. This allows recording rich information of learner’s interactions, thus opening up the possibilities of studying learner behaviour at scale using machine learning techniques. In this seminar, we will share the challenges and opportunities when building personalised online education systems. We’ll also showcase tangible examples of how we can leverage deep neural networks and large volumes of behavioural data to tackle these challenges.

Our discussion will cover the following topics:

  • What value has personalisation brought for education?
  • What does that look like as an AI-enhanced personalised education system in the future?
  • How to compare learner’s performance in the long-run?
  • Cognition gaps between human understanding and neural networks.
  • Discovering user behaviour patterns that have potential value for pedagogical practices.


Who are the speakers?

Dr Qian Xiao

Dr Qian Xiao is a Human+ programme fellow from the Computer Science and Engineering Research Strand. Xiao is based in the ADAPT Centre and her research is focused on the development of Computing Technology with insights informed by the Arts and Humanities. She is working closely with her academic mentors Prof Vincent Wade (School of Computer Science and Statistics) and Prof Keith Johnson (School of Education) to address challenges encountered in embedding AI techniques with educational settings to enhance educational practices. Read more

Prof Vincent Wade

Professor Vincent Wade is Director of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology and holds the Professorial Chair of Computer Science (Est. 1990) in School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin as well as a Personal Chair in Artificial Intelligence. His research focuses on intelligent systems, AI and personalisation, and he has been awarded multiple national and global awards for his work in the area. Read more

Dr Keith Johnson

Dr Keith Johnson is Assistant Professor of Education at Trinity College Dublin. His research has been focused on understanding and critiquing how technology and digital learning have been positioned in the wider ecosystem of education and education systems both in Ireland and internationally i.e., how technology interacts with the system and with key actors (such as teachers, students and school leaders) within it. He has worked on a body of published research in this domain and is a member of highly acclaimed institutions leading global work in education. Read more



Please indicate if you have any access requirements, such as ISL/English interpreting, so that we can facilitate you in attending this event. Contact: [email protected]