KT4D project interviews Max Stearns, Democratic Society on how Knowledge Technologies can improve Civic Participation

02 February 2024

The Knowledge Technologies for Democracy (KT4D) project recently conducted an interview with Max Stearns from the Democratic Society, shedding light on the project’s efforts to connect citizens, policy makers and tech developers to align technological and societal needs.

Max discusses the Democratic Society’s role in spearheading initiatives centred on democratic technology and innovation, leveraging insights from various research endeavours to establish digital democracy labs. Max emphasises the challenge of aligning technology with the actual needs of society and individuals. The key, he suggests, lies in establishing a connection between what is technologically possible and what is ethically and socially necessary, fostering collaboration among policymakers, citizens, and technology developers.

KT4D is investigating how democracy and civic participation can be better facilitated in the face of rapidly changing knowledge technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data – to enable actors across society to capitalise on the many benefits these technologies can bring in terms of community empowerment, social integration, individual agency, and improved trust in both institutions and technological instruments while identifying and mitigating potential ethical, legal and cultural risks.

Visit the KT4D website to learn more about the project: https://kt4democracy.eu/

Watch the interview here.

Max Stearns also featured on ADAPT Radio with Dr. Jennifer Edmond discussing Democracy in the AI and Digital Age. Listen here