Join ADAPT at Electric Picnic 2022

two people walking through a music festival in the sunshine. On the left is a person dressed as an angel, posing with their arms and head stretched backwards

Are you donning your wellies and heading to Electric Picnic this year? You’ll find us there!

Join ADAPT at the Human Lab: Art & Science stage at this year’s Electric Picnic Festival in Stradbally, Co. Laois from 2-4 September.

Human Lab is a colourful, bold and brand new art and science hub with an exciting programme that will engage the audience in cutting edge scientific topics though compelling, interactive discussions, workshops and exhibits.

Over the course of the weekend ADAPT will be running:


DALL-E vs Dali: Tell us your surreal AI concerns. 

Participants will explore the use of  AI tools like DALL-E – encouraging them to make their own ‘protest posters’ where they design a poster around their AI concerns / hopes.


The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition: The Glass Room is a pop-up intervention that provokes people to think about how technology impacts society, and their lives. The exhibition covers various topics including data privacy, big tech, the internet of things, and the most recent edition, misinformation. The exhibition will be available to few all weekend. 


ADAPT Misinformation workshop

What is a reliable source of information? How can we deconstruct sources to decipher what we can trust? This workshop will invite participants to discuss the disinformation problem and explore some simple but useful concepts and techniques to help us navigate the digital world in a safer and more productive way.


A Virtual Reality Volumetric Music Video: Featuring New Pagans

Have you ever wanted to get up close to your favorite band as they perform?
Now you can! At the HUMAN LAB, join New Pagans in their new video using VR technology to immerse yourself in a virtual live performance.
This approach to contemporary music interactions will show how immersive future music videos might be as Volumetric Video Capture Technology brings performances to life whenever, wherever you like.


#DiscussAI Think-In: Time to Talk About AI

Take part in conversations throughout the weekend about your thoughts around AI.

Human Lab was announced as part of the Mindfield arena at Electric Picnic 2022. In the Mindfield, you will experience the exhilaration of tough questions, inspiring answers, heated debate, huge laughs, provocative ideas, heart-breaking poetry, compelling podcasts, magnificent speeches, mind-blowing science, soaring literature and the beauty of an teanga Gaeilge and much, much more.

Read the full announcement of Mindfield at Electric Picnic 2022