Location: Science Gallery Dublin Studio, The Naughton Institute, Pearse Street,Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

Date: 16 Nov

Did the Great Famine have a lasting impact on Irish mental health? Did survivors of the Great Hunger pass on their experiences of trauma to their children and subsequent generations?

Come and join three leading experts in the field — Professor Oonagh Walsh (Glasgow Caledonian University), Professor Brendan Kelly (Trinity College Dublin), and Professor Mark McGowan (University of Toronto) — who will discuss the long term consequences of the Great Hunger on Irish mental health. They will explore how Famine survivors, migrants, and their descendants experienced epigenetic change and increased susceptibilities to cardiovascular and mental illness, along with how to diagnose and trace these conditions over the course of several generations.

This will be a free catered event. All are welcome but we would ask you to please register for your place at the event by clicking here.