International Conference to Explore Sustainable ICT Development


The International Federation of Information Processing Working Group 9.4 (IFIP 9.4) will hold a conference from 26th – 28th May 2021 focused on the ‘Implications of Information and Digital Technologies for Development. 

The event, which aims to develop greater awareness amongst professionals, policymakers, and the public on the social and ethical implications of information and digital technologies for development, will feature three research papers from ADAPT academics along with five ADAPT Ph.D. candidates who will take part in the conference Ph.D. Day on the 25th May.

The research papers from ADAPT faculty at Trinity College Dublin include:

“Artificial Intelligence Ethics: An Inclusive Global Discourse?” taking place on the 26th May in Session 6 Track 11. The paper was authored by Cathy Roche, Dave Lewis, and PJ Wall. 

“Designing Mobile Health for User Engagement: The Importance of Socio-Technical Approach” taking place on the 26th May in Session 4, Track 2.  The paper was authored by Tochukwu Ikwunne, Lucy Hederman, and PJ Wall. 

“Artificial Intelligence in the Global South: Potential and Risks” taking place on 28th May in Session 20, Track 14.  The paper was authored by PJ Wall, Deepak Suxana, and Suzana Browne.

Research Fellow at ADAPT, Dr. P.J. Wall, will co-chair three of the conference tracks. 

Speaking about the research he said: “I am particularly interested in the social, cultural, and political aspects of the implementation, use and scaling of digital technologies in low-resource contexts and the potential for digital innovation to reconfigure practice in the fields of healthcare and education.  This event provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in the fields of digital and information technology who are interested in sustainable development to pool knowledge and open information exchange.”

This year the conference will be held virtually and interested parties can view the conference and registration details online: 

ADAPT is also delighted to have Professor Lucy Hederman and Dr Harsh Pandit participating in a panel where he will discuss his own Ph.D. experience with over 80 Ph.D. students from all around the world.