Innovative Collaboration between Artists & Technologists on Bias

28 April 2021

In a year when we have seen the importance of scientific research, the impact of misinformation and the effect of social media playing a huge part in polarising communities, understanding our biases and how they are and are not helpful has never been more critical.

In 2021, Science Gallery Dublin will be taking a year-long approach to a single theme: BIAS. From cognitive function to machine learning, bias is a shortcut, for our brain or for data. Through unique multidisciplinary collaboration, with ADAPT and other partners, the programme brings together artists, activists, designers, policymakers, hackers, researchers and technologists to explore the ways in which bias dominates our world today, from algorithmic justice and facial recognition to the empathy crisis and systemic oppression

The first part of the year will take a research and development approach from January to June: developing, researching and creating work alongside a diverse group of programme partners,  ADAPT research centre, Tactical Tech, the Goethe Institut, Accenture The Dock and The Digital Hub.

ADAPT researchers interested in  AI, trust, ethics and justice are invited to submit their ideas for art/science projects, with a view to developing a winning commission for a showcase at Science Gallery Dublin’s BIAS exhibition from Sept-Dec 2021.

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