ICT Standards Help Companies Gain Competitive Advantage

18 January 2021
ICT Standards Help Companies Gain Competitive Advantage

Posted: 24/01/19

The first Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet/Innovation Forum breakfast seminar for 2019 recently took part in Ibec in Dublin on the 23rd January.  The seminar was run in conjunction with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and the ADAPT Centre and offered insights into how ICT Standards can help organisations gain competitive advantage in international markets.

ICT and telecommunications are the backbone of industry and economic development, but with increased levels of technological reliance there is an equal increased demand for standards in IT Security, Data Security, AI, Blockchain, Innovation and good Knowledge Management. Standards can enable organisations achieve legal requirements and implement efficient processes. With technology advancing at a continually rapid pace, standards also play an important role in removing barriers to trade and allowing the interoperability of technologies.

The event featured a talk by ADAPT’s Professor Dave Lewis who commented: “As the economic and societal impact of AI technology has mushroomed in recent years, so the need for standards to support the AI design, deployment and usage value chain has come to the fore. In 2017, ADAPT collaborated with NSAI and other national standards bodies to establish a new AI standards activity at ISO/IEC JTC1, the world’s foremost ICT standards generating body. Since then we have leveraged our research expertise in data ethics and privacy, in partnership with our multinational industry partners, to drive forward the JTC1 standards workgroup on Trustworthy AI.”

At the event ADAPT also indicated that a new postdoctoral fellowship training programme would be announced in the coming weeks aimed at developing future leaders in ICT Standards.

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