Human-Computer Interaction Group@UCD hosts seminar with Dr. Justin Edwards on 'Using Speech to Interrupt Complex Tasks'

01 November 2023

The Human-Computer Interaction@UCD research group regularly hosts a monthly seminar featuring invited speakers from academia and industry to share their leading-edge HCI research.

The most recent seminar was led by Dr. Justin Edwards from the Learning and Educational Technology (LET) research lab in the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Oulu, Finland. Dr. Edwards’ research has focused on how people use speech to interrupt other people, the design of proactive speech agents, and the attributes and contexts of appropriate speech agents.  

In his talk, Dr. Edwards introduces the concept of ‘Using Speech to Interrupt Complex Tasks’ and will discuss the challenges of designing proactive speech agents, drawing on inspiration from human speech interruptions.

A recording of this seminar is available on our Youtube Channel here.