How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Business Landscape

14 January 2021
How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Business Landscape

Posted: 23/09/19

A new European Commission takes office on the 1st November and it has declared its ambition to make Europe fit for the Digital Age.  Organisations, both big and small, are already making the change with AI-powered tools and systems being adopted and deployed across a range of sectors from healthcare to Government agencies.  A showcase of Artificial Intelligence and digital media technologies taking place tomorrow (Tuesday 24th September) in Croke Park run by the ADAPT Research Centre, a world-leading SFI Research Centre, highlights how AI is helping companies stay competitive and provides insight into how this technology is going to change the business landscape for all.

The event, ‘Accelerate Your Business with AI and ADAPT” will feature a number of industry speakers, including Ryanair, Wolters Kluwer, Huawei and Deutsch Bank, who will give insights into how they are digitally and intelligently transforming their businesses.

One of the examples is in the legal domain where AI can help turn novices into experts through intelligent information retrieval. Experts in any field can be relatively scarce.  By using deep learning and AI enhanced knowledge management, intelligent systems can capture and embody workers’ specialized knowledge helping to quickly up skill apprentices.

Speaking about the advances in the technology, Professor Vinny Wade, Director of the ADAPT Centre, said: “At the Digital Summit on Friday 20 September the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, noted that things that were science fiction only a few years ago are now likely to become a part of our everyday lives, such as Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, and robotic surgery.  The ADAPT Centre is helping to turn the science fiction into reality, pushing the boundaries of digital content technologies and AI.”

Over 300 business leaders will attend the event to help understand how technologies such as natural language processing and AI will impact their businesses.  A showcase of over 20 real-world solutions to business challenges will also be on display.  The ADAPT Centre has worked with a range of industry partners to develop innovations in areas such as conversational AI, recommender systems, 3D visualisation, computer vision and customer insights and this event will highlight how business leaders can harness the technology for their benefit.

Supported by the Irish government through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to the amount of €24 million, the ADAPT Centre is leveraged with an additional €26 million from industry partners.  The ADAPT Centre already works with a range of respected industry partners including Microsoft, eBay, Huawei, eir, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Ryanair and Deutsche Bank. The Centre is seeking opportunities to work with other industry partners in order to further diversify and strengthen its research, and identify new uses for the technologies that are being developed.

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