Location: Escola Massana, Barcelona

Date: 6 Jun

How does Art and Social Media influence each other? Is Art being disrupted by Social Media? Join our next Heliosphere debate streamed live from the Art and Design College Massana (Escola Massana) in Barcelona, Spain at 11 a.m. CET. You can join the debate by commenting online or by joining us in person on the Ground Floor (‘La Tundra’). The debate will be online for one hour and can be accessed via YouTube.

The Heliosphere is based on a highly interactive and novel Science communication concept including a live-streamed 360-degree camera. The concept encourages participants online and in person to directly participate in the debate leading to a deeper understanding of how to shape a more inclusive and trustworthy Social Media future.
Join the debate in Barcelona

More about Heliosphere and how to join on Heliosphere.social