Future of Work: Will AI Change the Workplace?

18 January 2021
Future of Work: Will AI Change the Workplace?

Posted: 17/09/18

Technology promises to fundamentally change the way we work and interact with the world around us. To investigate the much publicized hype about the opportunities and threats of digitization, on September 12th Trinity’s School of Business and Trinity Research and Innovation organised a forum to debate the topic.

Professor Vincent Wade, Director of the ADAPT Centre chaired a panel on ‘The Future of Work’.  Speaking with Dr Canice Lambe, Senior Director Engineering, AI Group at Genesys; Helena Graham, ex-CTO of Eir;  Medb Corcoran, Ireland Lead, Accenture Labs at Accenture, The Dock; and  Alessandra Sala, Head of the Bell-Labs Analytics Research, the panel looked at how Artificial Intelligence is accelerating impact and changing the rules of the game in the global business world.

Speaking about the future of work, Professor Vincent Wade, Director of the ADAPT Centre, a leading research centre focused on intelligent digital content technology, said: “Today’s business decisions are increasingly being driven by embedded Artificial Intelligence: whether shaping the information we are presented with, automating the jobs we do, or influencing our perception of the world around us.  While harnessing its significant benefits, industry is struggling to operationalise the innovation and disruption created by AI adoption.  At the ADAPT Centre, we are applying cutting-edge AI technology to business problems helping to transform the modern workplace while ensuring organisations create value for their customers and remain competitive.”

AI is being implemented by leading organisations spanning finance, healthcare, education and many more. Embedded AI is shaping the information that we are offered, the jobs we do and our perception of the world around us.  The forum helped define the key benefits, challenges and opportunities of introducing AI for business.

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