Fuse Project Recognised at the DCU Innovation Awards

19 January 2021
Fuse Project Recognised at the DCU Innovation Awards

Posted: 20/04/18

The 2018 DCU President’s Awards for Innovation were presented at a special ceremony in the Helix on Wednesday the 20th of April, by President of Dublin City University, Professor Brian MacCraith.

This year’s Innovation award winners include an app that can classify skin conditions, a social enterprise project to tackle homelessness, a digital records project hosting up to 40,000 academic records, a rapid diagnostic technology to pinpoint diseases in the blood within fifteen minutes and a Special Award for Innovation, presented to the DCU Fuse team.

DCU Fuse was a 24 hour public brainstorming session supported by technology developed by researchers at the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology.

The proprietary platform behind DCU Fuse is based on an open source discussion platform used by the likes of Twitter, Sitepoint, Github and Cisco.  ADAPT researchers created a robust application that could connect the university with its stakeholders in a dynamic way, supporting multiple parallel online conversations and analysing the data gathered during the 24 hours exercise. The innovative initiative was rolled out in Dublin City University was aimed at informing the direction of the University’s next strategic plan.

Speaking at the awards, DCU President Professor Brian MacCraith said “This year’s Innovation Awards celebrate the excellence of staff and students in transforming lives and societies by combining enterprise and creativity in their daily activities. They also reflect the university’s strong commitment to engagement with wider society as evidenced by award-winning projects. This year’s entries and overall winners are a testament to the mission of this university.”

The ADAPT team consisted of Prof. Andy Way, Joris Vreeke, and Daniel Turner.

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