Full House for First ML Dublin Meetup of 2023

31 January 2023

The first ML Dublin Meetup of 2023 took place on Monday 30th January in Wavespace at EY’s offices in Harcourt Street. The over-subscribed in-person event focused on Generative AI and provided a great opportunity to explore topical issues in the AI ecosystem while networking with like minded people, researchers, and engineers from both industry and academia.

The three speakers explored ChatGPT, BLOOM, and Stable Diffusion.  These systems have really captured our imagination and stimulated a wider discussion on the adoption, use, efficacy and safety of these technologies. Such foundation models are likely to power the next wave of innovation.  

Speakers included:

  • Dr Robert Ross, ADAPT Centre researcher and Senior Lecturer at TU Dublin who presented on ‘ChatGTP and a Generative Future – Keeping the Human in the Loop’. 
  • Tim Morthorst, Senior Manager in Automation and AI in EY who spoke on ‘When is it conversational automation? From scripted questions and answers to a seemingly all-knowing ChatGPT’.
  • Mayank Jain, PhD candidate at UCD who spoke on ‘Generative networks for augmenting sky/cloud image datasets’.

The ML Dublin Meetup takes place on the final Monday of each month.  Information is available on the ADAPT Centre website or on the Meetup site.