Founder of Soapbox Labs Makes Forbes ‘Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech’ List

18 January 2021
Founder of Soapbox Labs Makes Forbes ‘Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech’ List

Posted: 01/11/18

Dr Patricia Scanlon, founder of SoapBox Labs, an ADAPT Centre spin-out, recently made the Forbes ‘Top 50 Women in Tech’ list.  SoapBox Labs is using AI powered voice recognition technologies to help children in a wide variety of settings.  For example, the technology has educational benefits for children by helping them learn how to read, assist in pronunciation of words and assess fluency to help tailor content that is most appropriate for each individual. See a short video here.

Dr Patricia Scanlon has 20 years’ experience in the area of speech recognition technologies and has worked in companies such as IBM and Bell Labs.  The company secured a prestigious H2020 EU grant fir €1.5 million and has substantial backing from industry.  The funding is helping SoapBox Labs to develop French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Italian recognition capabilities.

Dr Scanlon is an AI advisor to TechIreland and a mentor at the Founder Institute.  She has a PhD in Digital Signal Processing and Electronic Engineering and held research posts at Columbia, IBM and University College Dublin.  See more at

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