First International Symposium for Human Mental Workloads

19 January 2021
First International Symposium for Human Mental Workloads

Posted: 08/05/17

The first symposium dedicated to Human Mental Workloads will take place in Dublin this June.  The event, which is being hosted by the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology researcher Dr Luca Longo based in DIT, will present the latest research initiatives in mental workload modeling and measurement. The research that will be presented at H-Workload 2017 on 28-30 June has become increasingly important in modern day use as a fundamental design discussing human-computer interaction, as well as mental and physical stress-related work environment demands.

Keynote speakers have already been selected for contributions in their field. The keynote speakers confirmed are, Professor Karel Brookhuis, Professor Christopher Wickens, inventor of the Multiple Resource Theory, and Professor Peter Hancock. The speakers oversaw the collaborative efforts of a paper in Journal of Ergonomics writing: “Since modern technology in many working environments imposes ever more cognitive demands upon operators while physical demands diminish, understanding how MWL (mental workload) impinges on performance is increasingly critical. Moreover, MWL research has had a tendency to focus on complex, often safety-critical systems (e.g. transport, process control).”

The symposium is soliciting the submissions of previously unpublished research work on human mental workload covering all disciplines and domains. Examples of these areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental workload theory and frameworks
  • Measurement of mental workload
  • Mental workload in context
  • Applications of mental workload in practice
  • Mental workload in safety critical domains

The ADAPT Centre sponsored symposium is the first of its kind in that, it is the first international symposium bringing academic and industry leaders together to discuss the regular and technical contributions within Human Mental Workload. This will include researchers from different disciplines including human factors, computer science, psychology, education, and neuroscience to exchange ideas and technologies. Dr Luca Longo is looking for additional guests from the public interested in these following areas to attend the first-annual symposium.

The event will take place at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin. Additional details about the conference, panel line-up, and schedule can be found within the dedicated website.

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