Find your BigFoot with Digital Footprint App

20 January 2021
Find your BigFoot with Digital Footprint App

Posted: 14/01/17

Data breaches have been at the centre of many recent scandals, impacting everything from the US Presidential Elections to the 2016 Summer Olympics.  While personal data has massive health and scientific potential, it can also be used for espionage and sabotage. With data becoming one of our most valuable resources, ADAPT’s Dr Kevin Koidl spoke at the National Data Protection Conference to mark Data Protection Day 2017 where he highlighted how can we make sure our data is used with our best interests in mind.

Speaking at the conference Dr Koidl said: “Despite our daily interaction with technology and social media it is impossible for users to discuss or even assess their need for data privacy and data security if they are not fully aware of their own data usage or of how their data is being used by third parties.”

To illustrate challenges related to data awareness the ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin has developed an app called ‘BigFoot’, which was tested with 200 trial users. BigFoot aims to involve the wider community around topics such as privacy and personal data.  Iterested parties are encouraged to get involved and find what their digital footprint is through the app which can be downloaded online at

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